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Arizona Cardinals Starting Guard talks about his great experience flying with Elite Flight Training


Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC offers the kind of training experience that is not typically available to private students. For those pursuing a Private Pilot or Instrument Rating license, or for established pilots seeking training in their Technically Advanced Aircraft, Chief Pilot and FAA Certified Instructor Chuck Lapmardo brings the knowledge gained in a 35-year career as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor and airline Captain.

Experience Matters

Elite Flight Training’s program has been designed to incorporate all the elements that are critical to making you as safe and competent a pilot as possible:

  • Highly experienced instructors, so you know you’re flying with a pilot who has handled every situation you could possibly encounter in the air. Instructor total flight hours range from 6,000 - 26,000, gained in every kind of aircraft. This compares to the average flight instructor’s 300 or 400 hours;
  • Our instructors have logged over 10,000 hours of Cirrus time alone.
  • Technically-advanced aircraft that include TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) and TWAS(Terrain Warning Awareness System) to keep you safe in the air;
  • A full-time instructor who is available 7 days a week, whose sole business is flight instruction, and whose sole concern is your success;
  • A commitment that you’ll work with the same instructor throughout your training, and that all instruction, both ground school and flight time, will be conducted one-on-one with your instructor;
  • Instructional aircraft that are school-owned to ensure that you’ll complete your entire training in our technically-advanced, glass cockpit Cirrus;
  • A training atmosphere that is professional but personable: our goal is to discover the teaching style that will maximize your learning experience, because we’re not successful until you’re successful.

We invite you to look at any other Cirrus flight training facility in Phoenix/Scottsdale, and then come talk to us or send us a Contact Form. You’ll see what makes Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC your best possible choice in flight training.

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I recently completed my private pilot license with Elite and I strongly recommend that any prospective student meet with them prior to choosing a flight school. Elite is a small, hands-on flight school staffed with very experienced pilots and they do a great job of leveraging that experience into a great training environment. They offer a personalized experience and really get to know the students. In addition to a great staff is a superb fleet of well maintained, modern Cirrus aircraft. Essentially they offer a "one stop" solution for training in and access to the aircraft that everyone wants to be in. Overall it was a great experience and once again, highly recommended! Thanks Paul, Chuck and Deb!
- Joe Giacalone

Before I chose a flight school, I did quite a bit of research and spoke with numerous individuals. I decided to go with Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC based upon their reviews, fleet of aircraft (all Cirrus SR-22's), extensive experience of the instructors, and their track record. To say that I am pleased with my decision is a big understatement! Learning to fly at Elite has been an incredible experience and a true joy, and it has FAR surpassed my expectations. Chuck and Paul are extremely friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
- Bob Goldwater
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