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Initial and Recurrent Training Scottsdale AZ Elite Flight Training’s Initial and Recurrent Training program is designed to simplify and standardize all procedures and practices associated with your Technically Advanced Aircraft, in order to increase your ability to manage your Meridian under normal conditions and abnormal situations.

Why It’s Important


Minimum training standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration, which may be sufficient for non-complex aircraft, aren’t adequate for TAA’s such as the Meridian. These aircraft demand a higher skill set in order to be operated safely. Systems are more complicated, and faster speeds require faster reaction time. In addition, there is a significantly higher workload due to single pilot operation. This single-pilot, high-workload environment creates an increased safety risk that’s not addressed by current training programs.

The Foundation of Effective Initial and Recurrent Training

Simplify, standardize, memorize. That’s how airline pilots are trained. Elite Flight Training’s Initial and Recurrent Training program is based on the principles used to train the safest professionals in the world, the airline pilot. As a Captain on an Airbus 320, Chief Pilot Chuck Lapmardo learned that ensuring safety is more than just learning numbers and systems.

It’s about utilizing those numbers and systems as part of a routine, or a standardized procedure, that’s followed consistently and precisely - every time.

These standardized procedures allow a pilot to respond appropriately and without hesitation in any situation. For example, a go-around, engine failure or an approach down to minimums is a non-event for an airline pilot because we are trained to act instinctively and proactively in any emergency or any situation.

How Elite Flight Training’s Initial and Recurrent Training Program Can Benefit You

Elite Flight Training’s course will make you safer, more confident and better able to manage your aircraft in any situation, by using these tools:

  • Memory Items are streamlined to provide the useful information needed to quickly gain control of your aircraft in an emergency situation.
  • Limitations provide the technical data needed to operate your aircraft safely every day.
  • Flows redistribute your workload from peak times to low-workload times.
  • Streamlined Checklists are more effective and useful.
  • Profiles simplify Approach procedures.
  • Standard Operating Procedures incorporate all of the above, and are tailored specifically for your aircraft and skill level.
  • You’ll be taught to apply these principles repetitively in a routine-based environment.

Becoming part of Elite Flight Training’s airline-based program will give you the opportunity to join the ranks of the best pilots in the world, increase safety and maximize your investment in your Meridian.

Please contact Chuck Lapmardo for further information at 480-305-0911.

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I am very glad to have found Elite Flight Training. I started my training at another Cirrus flight school and I just did not feel like the structure and expertise was there for me to get the best training possible. Once I came to Elite Flight Training, Chuck's methodical teaching, professionalism and knowledge of the Cirrus aircraft allowed me to develop my skills and become a proficient and safe pilot. Not only does Chuck bring over 35 years of extensive flying experience but he has brought into the school other instructor pilots that are just as professional and dedicated to great teaching as he is. I gladly would recommend Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC to anyone whose goal is to become a safe pilot in a timely manner.
- Dr. Adri Rama
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