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Instrument Flight Rating Scottsdale AZ The Instrument Rating allows a private pilot to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions, or IMC. That means flying in the clouds, or any time the aircraft must be flown solely by reference to instruments. All flight training is conducted in a Cirrus SR20 or SR22 aircraft, equipped with Auto-Pilot and Flight Director.


The FAA requirements to obtain your Instrument Rating after earning your Private Pilot License are:

  • 15 hours of flight training with a Certified Flight Instrument Instructor (CFII);
  • 50 total hours of cross country flight time, which you can attain on your own time;
  • pass an FAA written exam;
  • pass a flight test with an FAA Designated Examiner.


Instruction occurs in four-hour blocks that include:

  • One hour pre-flight ground school;
  • Two and a half hours of flight instruction, all in a Cirrus SR20 aircraft;
  • Half hour post-flight debriefing.

Topics covered include:

  • Advanced weather instruction;
  • FAA regulations;
  • Reading and understanding Approach Charts;
  • Interpreting Low Enroute Charts;
  • Navigation and Holding Patterns;
  • Auto-pilot usage;
  • Interpreting and using a Flight Director; and
  • Understanding GPS Navigation.


At Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC you’ll learn from the best. During his 35 year career in aviation as an airline captain and instructor, Chuck Lapmardo learned from the best, in the airline training environment. The procedures and methods used in airline training produce the most knowledgeable, skilled and safe pilots in the world. Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC has taken the airline training method, simplified and streamlined it, and made it available to you. You’ll also benefit from the experience of our instructors, many of whom are former airline pilots, who have encountered and successfully dealt with every routine or emergency situation that a pilot will face. Finally, at Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC we believe that optimal learning occurs in a positive but highly structured environment. Of course we employ all the best instructional technology, but we believe that the key to effective instruction is to discover what will maximize your learning experience. We’re not successful until you’re successful.


We can design an accelerated course for you to complete your certificate or rating more quickly. Just let us know your time constraints and we will create a program to meet your needs.

I would be happy to discuss this with you personally, to give you more detailed information and answer any questions. Please call me, Chuck Lapmardo, at 480-305-0911. You can also complete the Information Request Form on the Contact Us page.

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I am very glad to have found Elite Flight Training. I started my training at another Cirrus flight school and I just did not feel like the structure and expertise was there for me to get the best training possible. Once I came to Elite Flight Training, Chuck's methodical teaching, professionalism and knowledge of the Cirrus aircraft allowed me to develop my skills and become a proficient and safe pilot. Not only does Chuck bring over 35 years of extensive flying experience but he has brought into the school other instructor pilots that are just as professional and dedicated to great teaching as he is. I gladly would recommend Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC to anyone whose goal is to become a safe pilot in a timely manner.
- Dr. Adri Rama
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