Introductory Flights In Scottsdale, AZ

Initial and Recurrent Training Scottsdale AZ Special Price of $299 for a 1 hour Intro Ride:

  • Fly the Air-Conditioned, High Performance Cirrus SR22
  • 20 minutes Ground School, Pre-Flight and Post-Flight briefing; 40 minutes flying
  • Fuel, aircraft rental and Instructor fee included.

See what it’s like to fly with one of our high-time, highly experienced instructors. Call the Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC offices today to purchase an Intro Ride Gift Certificate or to schedule a ride:

480-305-0911 or 330-770-3411

Blue Skies!

Our Location

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Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC
14700 North Airport Drive
Suite 203
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Tel: 480-305-0911
I am very glad to have found Elite Flight Training. I started my training at another Cirrus flight school and I just did not feel like the structure and expertise was there for me to get the best training possible. Once I came to Elite Flight Training, Chuck's methodical teaching, professionalism and knowledge of the Cirrus aircraft allowed me to develop my skills and become a proficient and safe pilot. Not only does Chuck bring over 35 years of extensive flying experience but he has brought into the school other instructor pilots that are just as professional and dedicated to great teaching as he is. I gladly would recommend Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC to anyone whose goal is to become a safe pilot in a timely manner.
- Dr. Adri Rama
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