Private Pilot and Instrument Training in Cirrus Aircraft
480-305-0911 | Scottsdale Airport, KSDL

Your Rating on Your Timeline

You can complete your Private Pilot License or Instrument Rating as quickly as you would like, with an Intensive (Accelerated) program.

  • You can train one-on-one with a high-time Instructor from three to seven times per week.
  • Every lesson includes both Ground School and Flight time, to speed learning and improve retention.
  • Your training program will be customized to reflect your experience and prior training, and focus on the requirements you’ll need to excel in your Oral Exam and Check Ride.



If you’re from out of town, you can take advantage of Corporate Rate accommodations at Best Western Thunderbird Suites, just blocks from our offices and hangars.

If you’re not a U.S. citizen, allow us to advise and assist you with the TSA Alien Flight Student Program, a requirement for your flight training.

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