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I was so pleased to find Elite Flight Training

Now that Mary has passed her check ride I want to let you know how pleased I have been with your school. Given Mary was 16 when she decided to start her pilot training I was quite concerned she have the safest experience possible. After visiting several flight schools in the Phoenix area I was so pleased to find Elite Flight Training. The professionalism of your staff and the quality of your equipment has been wonderful. Thank you again for taking such good care of Mary.


Thank you for the great annual recurrent training

Wanted to thank you for the great annual recurrent training session in my Meridian… I can’t tell you how many times you have been sitting on my shoulder in critical decision making moments, most recently while canceling a flight when I already had my family strapped in, turbine spinning, to go on vacation. “What you Chuck do” is a common refrain. Thank you for letting me borrow on the pool of knowledge that you have accumulated over so many years of instruction and ATP captaincy in the big iron.


Gave me the comfort I needed to learn to fly

My greatest concern when deciding to learn to fly was safety. With Chuck and Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC my concerns were addressed and relieved immediately. Chuck’s patient and systematic approach to teaching gave me the comfort I needed to learn to fly not only well but very safely.


Thank you!

Before I met Chuck, I had gone through three flight instructors and I believed I did not have what it took to be a good pilot. I struggled every time I got into a cockpit. Chuck, with his experience and amazing way he makes things so simple, had me doing great landings in a couple of sessions, understand what flying was all about, and now I am IFR rated and flying all across North America! If it wasn’t for Chuck I doubt I would be flying today or enjoying the freedom that I now experience. Thank you!

Franco Lofranco

Glad to have found Elite Flight Training

I am very glad to have found Elite Flight Training. I started my training at another Cirrus flight school and I just did not feel like the structure and expertise was there for me to get the best training possible. Once I came to Elite Flight Training, Chuck’s methodical teaching, professionalism and knowledge of the Cirrus aircraft allowed me to develop my skills and become a proficient and safe pilot. Not only does Chuck bring over 35 years of extensive flying experience but he has brought into the school other instructor pilots that are just as professional and dedicated to great teaching as he is. I gladly would recommend Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC to anyone whose goal is to become a safe pilot in a timely manner.

Dr. Adri Rama

Among the best

I have worked with many different FBO’s and Chuck Lampardo and Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC is among the best. The planes are in great shape and Chuck supports the pilots. It’s like belonging to a flying club.

Mark Huey

Thanks Paul, Chuck and Deb!

I recently completed my private pilot license with Elite and I strongly recommend that any prospective student meet with them prior to choosing a flight school. Elite is a small, hands-on flight school staffed with very experienced pilots and they do a great job of leveraging that experience into a great training environment. They offer a personalized experience and really get to know the students. In addition to a great staff is a superb fleet of well maintained, modern Cirrus aircraft. Essentially they offer a “one stop” solution for training in and access to the aircraft that everyone wants to be in. Overall it was a great experience and once again, highly recommended! Thanks Paul, Chuck and Deb!

Joe Giacalone

I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Before I chose a flight school, I did quite a bit of research and spoke with numerous individuals. I decided to go with Elite Flight Training & Rentals LLC based upon their reviews, fleet of aircraft (all Cirrus SR-22’s), extensive experience of the instructors, and their track record. To say that I am pleased with my decision is a big understatement! Learning to fly at Elite has been an incredible experience and a true joy, and it has FAR surpassed my expectations. Chuck and Paul are extremely friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Bob Goldwater

The Best or Nothing!

If flying is on your bucket list, why not learn from the best? Chuck turns out experienced pilots right from the first lesson. He will not let you cut corners, and the end result in your being a Safe Pilot from the first solo, to your check ride. Safer Skies with Cirrus Pilots. The Best or Nothing!

Tino Ferrulli

A must call!

A fantastic flight training team with a top notch fleet of Cirrus aircraft. This is the best option in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area to get your license, get current, and fly the Cirrus. A must call! Thanks Chuck for helping me achieve my pilot dream.

Patrick Jones

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