Private Pilot and Instrument Training in Cirrus Aircraft
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Experience Matters

An Instructor can’t teach you more than they know. That’s why it’s important for you to train with the best, most experienced Instructor you can find.

You’ll find that Instructor at Elite Flight Training in Scottsdale. Every Instructor is a “high-time” pilot, usually former airline, with thousands of flight hours and extensive experience in Cirrus aircraft, and anywhere from 6,000 – 26,000 hours total flight time. Each of them has encountered and successfully dealt with every routine or emergency situation that a pilot is likely to face.

Safety Matters

At Elite you will train in a Technically Advanced Cirrus aircraft. It is the only aircraft in our fleet because it has safety features not found in other training aircraft.

  • The on-board parachute is unique in aviation, bringing the entire aircraft safely to the ground in the event of an emergency
  • The Traffic Collision Avoidance System protects you in busy airspaces
  • The Terrain Warning Awareness System ensures your safety in mountainous terrain.


Technology Matters

Whatever your mission, whether it’s to fly for business or pleasure, new technology makes flying safer, more efficient and more fun. When you train with the latest technology, you are better prepared for your mission.

Of course, you will still learn all the “stick and rudder” skills that will be the basic tools in your aviation tool chest. Cockpit technology such as a PFD and MFD will simply lower your workload and accelerate your learning curve, helping you to be a safer, more competent pilot.

Attitude Matters

At Elite Flight Training we believe that optimal learning occurs in a positive and highly structured environment. Of course we employ all the best instructional technology, but we believe that the key to effective instruction is to discover the teaching style that will maximize your learning experience. We’re not successful until you’re successful.

Give yourself the opportunity to learn from the best — it will make you the best.

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