Private Pilot and Instrument Training in Cirrus Aircraft
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Why Fly The Best?

At Elite Flight Training in Scottsdale, AZ, all instruction is conducted in the Cirrus aircraft because:

  • The Cirrus is the state-of-the-art training aircraft, with instrumentation that’s on the leading edge of aviation technology;
  • The Cirrus cockpit sets the standard for flight training, and allows you to learn the skills and techniques you will need to fly today’s new generation of private aircraft;

Safety First

The Cirrus aircraft was designed to be the safest aircraft in the air, and every aircraft in Elite’s fleet has these standard features:

    • An on-board parachute that deploys in the event of an emergency, bringing the entire aircraft to a soft landing.
    • TWAS (Terrain Warning Awareness System), which is indispensable for pilots flying in the mountainous Western U.S.
    • All-Glass (computerized) cockpits with PFD and MFD, which lower the pilot’s workload, thereby increasing the pilot’s safety.
    • TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), which is indispensable in any busy airspace.


Click on this link to the Cirrus website for more information.

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